Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sweet Saturday: December 7, 2013

Happy sunny Saturday! Today we're doing something a little different for Sweet Saturday. It's a 1 day only post so like or comment on your favorite pair of handmade, fingerless gloves on Facebook for a chance to win them tonight! We'll be drawing a winner at 8pm PST. Good luck! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sweet Saturday: November 23, 2013

Happy Saturday! We hope you're all out enjoying this beautiful sunny and crisp day! Congrats to Rachael G. for winning last week's Sweet Saturday. Yay!

Baroque 14k Vermeil Gold and Amber Ring
This 14k gold vermeil ring has a baroque dotted pattern on the sides with a large, sparkly amber crystal in the middle.  Sure to brighten your day.

Good Work(s) Truth Cuff
 This beautiful leather Good Work(s) wrist cuff is a delicately crafted work revealing ingrained motivational verbiage. Love!

Large Woven Earrings
 These woven bronze earrings are so fab! They are very lightweight for their size and feature glittering bronze toned beads strung across the middle. We are all drooling over them here at the shoppe!

Sunburst Rose Gold Necklace
This rose gold necklace features a bursting little ball of sunshine that is sure to brighten your day!

Good Work(s) Exotics Stone Wrap Bracelet
 A versatile Wrap Around bracelet you can wear solo or stacked with other arm candy. This bracelet is crafted out of ecologically friendly materials to encourage a tradition of preserving the environment. Adorned with motivational phrases and nail head arrangement. Not to mention a portion of each Good Work(s) purchase goes to benefit a good cause!

Burst and Bloom Necklace
 This chunky statement pendant features bursting layers of petals in deep blue and teal. A teardrop shaped turquoise stone is nestled in the center and is accented by beautiful ruby colored stones. Hangs from a fun, industrial style chain for added interest. 

Cognac Flower Ring
 Gorgeous congac crystals come together to create this adorable flower. On a stretchy gold band so one size fits most.

Bronze Woven Wonder Necklace
 You'll wonder how you ever lived without this gorgeous necklace! Made of dazzling faceted beads that encircle together to create a simply stunning pendant. 

Hexagon with the Wind Earrings
 Get blown away by these gorgeous geometric earrings. Features unique, faceted stones in a gold, hammered settings. 
Good Work(s) Bliss Wrap Around Bracelet

This metallic copper wrap around bracelet features inspiring words such as: Come Together, Faith, Courage, Seek Wisdom, Truth, Plant Peace. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet Saturday: November 15, 2013

Happy Saturday! We hope you're enjoying this sweet day. Last week's Sweet Saturday winner is Tracy B. Congrats!

Patina Starfish Ring
 This adorable star fish ring wraps around your finger to create a unique and fun look!

Sway Me Turquoise Earrings
 Delicate wires are layered to create a unique, feather-esque look with these fun earrings! Features a swaying turquoise ball that hangs beneath the beautifully wrapped wires. Love!

Float On Feather Bangle
 This unique, handmade bangle features a cut out of a beautiful silver feather. Looks great alone, or as a piece to a fun arm party.

Kathy Chain Bracelet
 This fun bracelet layers multi-tonal chains making an arm party completely effortless. Features matte gold with dark gold accents so you can easily mix and match other pieces with different metals. 

This Charming Hand Necklace
 Haven't got a stitch to wear? Well, look no further than This Charming Hand Necklace! Features a delicate open hand with a painted gold cuff. Hangs from a gunmetal chain and is perfect for layering and mixing with other metals.

Owl Locket You Up
 Whooo says lockets have to be big and bulky? This dainty little locket features an adorable raised owl on one side and intricate floral designs on the other. Not to mention that beautiful iridescent accent gem. Love!

Crystal Cluster Hoop Earrings
 These distressed, gold, forward facing hoops are adorned with a glittering cluster of four crystals. Great for dressing up or down! 

Sparkle Hope Ring
Wrap your finger in this sweet sparkling hope ring! So fun to wear and perfectly on trend. 

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweet Saturday: November 9, 2013

Happy Saturday! We hope you're having a fantastic weekend!
 Last week's Sweet Saturday winner is Amber K. Congrats!

Triangulate Earrings
These earrings make geometry fun! Three layers of triangles sway between each other to create an ultra fun look for day or night. Love! 

Teal Me More Scarf
 This scarf is the most gorgeous shade of teal! It's the perfect accent to any outfit; plus, $5 of this purchase goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Earthy Faceted Stretch Bracelet
 This beautiful stretch bracelet features earthy, faceted beads with a spike of sparkle with a fun soiree ball. Love!

Chocolate Swarovski Crystal Ring 
Yum, this ring is chocolately goodness! Features a chocolate colored swarovski crystal on a fantastic gold band. We love it so much!

Baubles & Chain Necklace
This necklace is bold is the best way! Features gorgeous multi-tonal stones all wrapped up in a gorgeous golden chain. 

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sweet Saturday: November 2, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic and safe Halloween. The winner of last week's Sweet Saturday is Angela H. Congrats!

Double Dipped Layer Bracelet
We love this multi-strand bracelet because it mixes sparkle with simple black beads. It's perfect for dressing up or down!

Cute as a Button Earrings
These earrings are adorable! Just as their name says, they're cute as a button (just like you)! 

Aqua Quatrefoil Bangle
This bangle is the perfect layering piece. We like to wear 2 or 3 at a time to make a fun arm party!

Mermaid Faceted Jewel Necklace

Brehan Todd All Night Earrings
All niiight long, we're gonna celebrate! We're gonna celebrate how awesome you look in these on-point earrings. These vintage brass spikes combine tough and pretty in the best of ways. Together with glistening silver beads, these earrings are well-rounded and perfect!

Son of a Sailor Jasper Necklace

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sweet Saturday: October 26, 2013

Happy Saturday, y'all! We hope you're have a fantastic day! The winner of last week's Sweet Saturday is Laurie C. Congrats!

Good Work(s) Wrap Bracelet

We have a bunch of new favs up this week in the online shoppe just waiting for you to love them, too! These are a few of our favorite things...

Happy Hooter Stretch Ring
Whoooo could resist such an adorable happy hooter? This wise, old owl thinks you'd do well to own such a unique piece of hand candy.

Son of a Sailor Capella Necklace
 We're obsessed with these handmade pieces. They're made with love and 100% unique!

Nora Catherine Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
Chocolate Splendor Earrings
Three deliciously rich and decadent chocolate faceted crystals dangle from delicate gold hoops. Divine. 

I Believe String Bracelet

Lock & Key Charm Necklace

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet Saturday: October 19, 2013

Happy Saturday everyone! We hope you're having a super fab day. Robin T. is the winner of last week's Sweet Saturday. Congrats Robin! 

Custom bracelets by C Rose!

Following the trend of last week, today's Sweet Saturday is about our Weekly Favs. Yay! Featuring lots of handmade and local jewelry, there's something for everyone. 

Tumbleweed Gold Station Necklace

This delicate necklace features a hand hammered rectangle on a lovely long chain. Looks great layered or worn alone. 

Brenna Ring in Tiger's Eye

We love this ring because it's both boho and chic! It has a covered stretch band so it's super comfy to wear and fits most finger sizes.

Crescent Dangle Earrings

Layered Metal Tribal Cuff

Geometric Tortoise Shell Statement Necklace
 Everyone needs at least one statement necklace in their collection! The tortoise shell pattern makes this necklace more versatile and easy to wear with most outfits. 

Nora Catherine Hanging Lily Bronze Earrings

These earrings are handmade and goooorgeous! The shape is delicate and beautiful. We're obsessed! 

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