Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet Saturday: November 15, 2013

Happy Saturday! We hope you're enjoying this sweet day. Last week's Sweet Saturday winner is Tracy B. Congrats!

Patina Starfish Ring
 This adorable star fish ring wraps around your finger to create a unique and fun look!

Sway Me Turquoise Earrings
 Delicate wires are layered to create a unique, feather-esque look with these fun earrings! Features a swaying turquoise ball that hangs beneath the beautifully wrapped wires. Love!

Float On Feather Bangle
 This unique, handmade bangle features a cut out of a beautiful silver feather. Looks great alone, or as a piece to a fun arm party.

Kathy Chain Bracelet
 This fun bracelet layers multi-tonal chains making an arm party completely effortless. Features matte gold with dark gold accents so you can easily mix and match other pieces with different metals. 

This Charming Hand Necklace
 Haven't got a stitch to wear? Well, look no further than This Charming Hand Necklace! Features a delicate open hand with a painted gold cuff. Hangs from a gunmetal chain and is perfect for layering and mixing with other metals.

Owl Locket You Up
 Whooo says lockets have to be big and bulky? This dainty little locket features an adorable raised owl on one side and intricate floral designs on the other. Not to mention that beautiful iridescent accent gem. Love!

Crystal Cluster Hoop Earrings
 These distressed, gold, forward facing hoops are adorned with a glittering cluster of four crystals. Great for dressing up or down! 

Sparkle Hope Ring
Wrap your finger in this sweet sparkling hope ring! So fun to wear and perfectly on trend. 

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